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Airport Extreme IMac Time Capsule and Network Setup

apple mac airport extreme with hard diskIs your Mac time capsule showing you a blinking amber / orange light instead of it's usual healthy green light.

Or did it has a flashing amber and green light despite your restarting the apple time capsule several times?

Or you have trouble adding your new time capsule or airport extreme or express to your network created by your existing router.

Or did the printer sharing function fails to work after you connect it to the time capsule?mac airport extreme

Did you just purchase an Apple AirPort Extreme and had trouble creating a new network and share your internet access with everyone on the network? Or did your network failed despite your numerous troubleshooting efforts?

 Or did you Imac / Macbook refuse to startup and it took an extremely long time to get into your desktop?


S-Mall provides repair solutions for your Mac network issues at your preferred location such as your home and ensures that your apple time capsule, AirPort Extreme and related networking issues are solved, serviced and properly setup before we leave your home premises.


Call us at 9171 6803 to service your Apple time capsule and AirPort Extreme network connection problems! 


Rate from $90


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