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Monitor Display Problems

fix lcd monitor display problemIs your PC giving you a monitor black screen even though you can hear your computer humming in the background? And are you having weird resolutions for your PC and everything looks weird on your desktop computer?

We fix monitor display problems such as

  • blank screen / No display even though the PC / desktop is switched on and you are able to hear the spinning of the fan
  • monitor resolution problems
  • loading display issues
  • Unable to see windows logo
  • Endless blinking underscroll when windows logo should be appearing
  • Unable to login to windows / Unable to see windows login screen



Our expertise do not stop there. They are just some of the common problems that we faced.

There are many reasons for LCD monitor display issues on your monitor, which are too long to be listed here, however, we are confident in providing you a solution which is best suited to solve your issue.


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monitor display problems


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