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Urgent Late Night PC Repair Services In Singapore

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Computer breakdown in the middle of the night while doing rushing to finish the assignment that your boss demand you to finish by morning?

Or are you having a gaming tournament that is starting in 2 hours time


Find S-Mall for urgent late night PC repair services in Singapore. Before calling us, please prepare the following details.


Model of PC: Example, HP Pavilion Probook, Acer Aspire s5

Operating System: Example, Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 10

Problem: As detailed as possible, Example, All PCs on the network are not able to access internet, PC not able to power up, No display despite computer system being powered up



Call us at 9171 6803 to repair your pc problems in the middle of the night! 


 Kindly DO NOT call in the middle of the night if you are calling only to enquire prices or services which does not require immediate attention.


Rate from $280



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