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Synology Network Attached Storage NAS Troubleshooting

Do you encounter synology NAS issues, such as

  • Limited or no connectivity to the synology file server connection
  • Purchase a new synology and had trouble setting it up to share with everyone in the office / home network?
  • Poor connection and or transfer speed even though you are connected via lan connection
  • Synology starts to make beeping sound the moment you turned it on. And beeping sound continues from the NAS despite you powering on and off?
  • Wants to setup file sharing feature but you do not have the expertise to set it up? And you wish to setup for remote and mobile phone / tablet access?
  • File sharing doesnt work the way you wanted to even though you have followed step by step instructions online?
  • Plans to backup synology nas offsite and you have no idea how to setup remotely?
  • Unable to connect via quickconnect
  • Unable to detect the unit using Synology assistant
  • Wishes to make use of synology as a VPN Server but do not know how to?



S-Mall Pte Ltd will be able to help and repair your synology issue at your office or home and main priority will be data preservation.

In most of the scenarios, S-Mall will be able to solve the issue in the same trip as long as there is no hardware issue with the unit.


Call us at 9171 6803 to solve your

synology NAS problems!

Service Rates from $100



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