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Pc to Pc File Transfer

Did you purchase a new PC and require help for pc to pc file transfer from your old laptop, desktop or mac?

Computer data transfer will be migrated for your precious files, such as (pictures, music and videos), important outlook emails, outlook contacts, internet explorer bookmarks to your new PC.

Hence when you are using the new computer, you feel extremely comfortable using your new PC with most of the settings and files you are used to.

Or did your computer (desktop / laptop / server) crashed and you need the data in the system urgently? We will try our best to extract out the data in the crashed system, as long as the storage medium (hard disk / ssd) is still in working condition and its partitions are not corrupted.

We do not charge hourly rate for data transfer, or do we set a limitation on data, such as $50 per 10Gb, for our pc to pc file transfer services. Only a flat price range, regardless of amount of data!


 Call us at 9171 6803 to transfer your data and settings


Rate from $100 - 120 per system 

* Not all programs or data can be transferred. Some programs requires license key to install. Pls have the genuine key ready for us. 

 * If the source hard disk is in working condition with no encryption, most of the time, we are able to transfer all data without issue.

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