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System Powers on, but no display on computer monitor

Do you suddenly have an issue where your monitor is not showing any image on the PC screen despite the fact that the system can power on?

And the PC system is working perfectly the night before and it shuts down without any error message?

If you have the following symptoms, S-Mall is able to assist you.

  • your PC setup is a desktop, connected to an monitor. (Separate computer case and monitor)
  • Desktop system is able to power on. The LED indicators lit up as per normal. Fan in the case spins. Even though the system is able to turn on, the monitor screen till remain blank
  • Monitor is able to power on. And when it is powered on, it will show the manufacturer's logo. Then it will say "no display detected" or "looking for input" etc message?
  • After which, it will attempt to cycle thru the various inputs such as, "VGA" "HDMI" "DisplayPort" "DVI", to search for input signal sources and lastly it will mentioned "no input signal detected", "monitor going to sleep" "power saving mode on" or similar messages appearing on the monitor?
  • You have not touch any of the external cables.
  • Or you have attempted to reconnect the VGA / DVI / Displayport / hdmi cable and have no display. 
  • Or your system turns itself off after a few seconds. Afterwhich it restarts automatically and it repeats the restart loop.


No display on PC monitor problem



In such scenarios, most of the time, the pc display screen is still in a working condition as it is still trying to look for a source to display the image. And the monitor screen is able  to "reply" that it didnt receive any input signal.

Some steps you can try to self troubleshoot for this "No input signal" problem

You may attempt to verify that the monitor is working by removing the video cable from the back of the system and connect to another device. Eg laptop or another desktop.

If the same computer screen is able to display the image output of the other device (laptop or desktop), the ussye could lies with your current desktop system as it is not sending any image to the monitor.


We will be able to assist to troubleshoot and solve the "system is able to power on but no display on computer monitor" problem most of the time.


Call us or SMS at 9171 6803 to solve your

PC powers on, but no image on computer screen issue!

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