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System Unable to Power On Problem

Do you suddenly have an issue where your computer desktop system is not able to power on even when you pressed the power button on the system. And the PC system is working perfectly the night before and it powers on and shuts down without any error message?

If you have the following symptoms, S-Mall is able to assist you.

  • your PC setup is a desktop / laptop or all in one system (AIO)
  • Desktop system is not able to turn on despite changing wall power socket and changing of physical power cable 
  • There is absolutely no response from the system when the power button is pressed. No Fan sound, the power indicator didn't lit up.



In such scenarios, most of the time, it is a internal hardware  problem with the computer PC desktop system.

We will be able to assist to troubleshoot, pinpoint the faulty computer component and solve the "computer system is unable to power on" problem most of the time.

Depending on the severity of the hardware failure, most of the time if its a desktop system, the computer system can be revived by replacement of an internal component in a single trip!


Call us or SMS at 9171 6803 to solve your

PC system unable to power on issue!

Service Fees from $40 (Exclude cost of hardware replacement)


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