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Windows XP Auto Logoff


1) Did you have windows log in problems for xp?

windows xp welcome screen

2) Did you managed to successfully key in your password and see the windows xp welcome screen? And immediately, your PC will automatically log you off without any warning? And deny you from reaching your desktop?

windows xp auto logoff


3) Despite you changing user accounts, such as your personal login account or administrator accounts, to log in, you are still unable to log in?

4) Trying in to log in using safe mode and you also had such logoff problems?

5) You feel frustrated and feel like reformatting your system?


If the answers to all the above questions are a big "YES", we have the perfect solution for you. S-Mall is able to solve your computer xp login problems for you.




Call us at 9171 6803 to solve your windows XP auto logoff

problem today! 


Rate from $90



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