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You need to format the drive in drive letter D E F G before you can use it error

 You will need to format the drisk in drive before you can use it

1) Did you suddenly have an error message which mentioned that you need to format the drive error message pops up before you can access it?

2) This is not a new hard disk drive.

2) And the drive is working well prior this windows error mesage appeared?

3) Despite you trying to restart or shut the computer down, in various permutations, the error message still persist and you are not able to access the data in the hard drive?

4) And the file system is now shown as "RAW" instead of NTFS or FAT32?

File system raw - 0kb used free space

5) You feel frustrated and feel like hitting the format disk button?


If the answers to all the above questions are a big "YES", S-Mall has the solution for you to get your data back..

S-Mall has a high chance to recover the data in your problematic drive for you for this particular error. 


  ** It is highly recommended that you stop whatever you are trying to read the data to this drive to prevent further damage to this hard disk drive **

  The lesser attempts you try to get the drive working, the higher S-Mall's chance to recover the data back for you!


Call us at 9171 6803 to solve "You need to format the disk" problem today! 


Refer to hard disk data recovery services for the rates.



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