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PC Failure Problems Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions

Did you PC exhibits the following problems that causes you not to be able to use your computer? Here are some PC solutions for some computer typical problems


You have no image on LCD Monitor Screen

PC Troubleshooting Tips: Ensure that the power cord is plugged securely into the monitor. At the other end, make sure that the other end of the monitor cable is plugged securely to the computer.

And of course make sure that the LCD monitor is switched on. When switched on, the computer monitor usually will have a yellow or green LED light, check with the LCD manufacturer for more information.

Usually, there will be 2 cables linked to the computer monitor, one of them is the power cable and the other is the display(VGA / DVI / HDMI / DisplayPort) cable. Ensure that the display cable is plugged securely into your computer's backpanel.

Or do you have symptoms that is similar to what is listed on this page?

System Powers on, but no display on computer monitor

If the problem still persist,

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You get a Blue Screen of Death regularly

Several factors play a part in the appearance of the blue screen of death and the cause might be both a hardware and software fault.

PC Troubleshooting Tips: You might have a ram hardware issue. If you have 2 sticks of rams in your PC, one of the sticks might be problematic. Take out 1 stick of ram and leave the stick in and on your PC. If this does not work, replace with the other stick of ram.


You are unable to enter Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 / 8 or 10

There are several reasons for failure to enter windows or see the login screen. Windows is corrupted and some vital windows files might be missing.

PC Troubleshooting Tips: Either perform a windows re-installation, or repair the windows installation by using an original windows setup disc.

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You are unable to connect to the Internet

There are some causes for you to not to be able to connect to the internet and some of the reasons are beyond your control. Remember the time when an underwater cable broke due to an earthquake in the sea? This are the causes that are beyond our control.

PC Troubleshooting Tips:

  •  Ensure that the LAN cable (cable that has a "BIG telephone cable ends) is plugged securely into the modem / router and your computer.
  • Make sure the modem, router is switched on and the LEDs light on them are not acting weird.
  • Make sure that your PC is issued an IP address. As image below, my IP address is and ensure that your IP address does not begin with 169.xxx.xxx.xxx 
  • If the rest of the computers on the network are unable to go online, probably it is your network that is having a problem. Seek help from your network administrator 
  • Try using another lan cable to connect to your PC. Wait for two minute and check if you are able to go online
  • Shut down your PC, your modem and your router, access points, repeaters or mesh unit. Restart everything in 10 minutes 

checkng of ip address