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  • We are a Singapore computer services shop for all computer hardware and software issue. Onsite / home computer repair services in Singapore only Your preferred Singapore computer repair shop for computer hardware and services to solve your IT problems
  • Testimonial about S-Mall Computer Repair Services from clients who had that their computers repairs and like our services!
  • Archived Testimonial about S-Mall Computer Repair Services from clients who had that their computers repairs and like our services!
  • A great source of quality computer articles, written by our S-Mall technical team. With our computer reading guide, your knowledge of computers are bound to increase
  • We perform onsite home and small business PC repair services in Singapore for faulty PC and setup computer network setup and IT support for home and office. PC servicing such as computer hardware upgrade for old computers are provided. We try to work within your business timing to troubleshoot and fix your pc problems
  • Do you encounter the problem where the copiers / printers scan to email functionality stopped working? Click in for more info and to resolve the problem
  • Do you often have computer network issues, such as limited or no connectivity, poor signal in corners of the house, broken wireless signal, port forwarding problems, have problem hosting games, wireless home network problems, unsecured wireless network, unable to share files on network? Get more help here...
  • Do you often have home or office wifi coverage issues, such as poor signal in corners of the house / office strong wireless connection but no internet connection unstable wireless speed And have bought mesh units, repeaters, extender and they dont seem to work? Contact S-Mall to extend and stablise your wireless and solve your wifi network issue today!
  • Did you has a cracked laptop screen and require repair? Here, S-Mall we are able to provide notebook lcd replacement service for damaged laptop monitors.
  • Do you have synology networkattached storage issues, such as limited or no connectivity, unable to access the file storage server beeping sound orange power indicator led unable to share files on network Get more help here...
  • We will help to recover your data from your hard disk. Our hard disk data recovery services includes assisting you to recover your precious data and lost files from virus attacks, system crashes, accidental deletion, reformatting and even damaged partition tables. Read more..
  • Did the performance of your computer desktop or laptop slow down for no reason? Need help for computer virus removal? Or did an "anti virus" program pop up when windows is started and it informed you that your Pc had several virus and you have to pay to remove the spyware and virus? If yes, you have been Read more..
  • Did you purchase a new PC and require help for pc to pc fiel transfer from your old laptop, desktop or mac? We provide computer data transfer services help you to transfer data from one computer to another We will assist you to transfer files between computers and related files over to your new PC. Read more..
  • We assist you to upgrade your video cards and increase your memory size (memory upgrade), CPU upgrade and other PC related upgrades for your computer to enable it to run at a faster speed. Read more...
  • Are you having monitor display problems? Is your PC giving you a monitor black screen even though you can hear your computer humming in the background? We fix monitor display problems such as read more...
  • We solve laptop problems such as overheating, loud or noisy fan, cracked or broken hinges, LCD no images, laptop power issues. Other than providing laptop repair services, we do upgrades for your laptop. We provide laptop memory upgrade and hard disk upgrade. Read more...
  • Does your windows have bootup problems and you are absolutely fed up? Is your computer taking ages to startup and run a program? The fastest and easiest way (not always the most recommended) to restore your Pc back to it's initial state. Read more..
  • Bought a new time capsule and had trouble setting it up? Other than PC Network setup, we assist you with and service, repair your Macbook Pro, Airport Extreme, IMac time capsule and network setup.
  • We provide Small Business Computer Support in Singapore. We act as your business consultant to manage your computer network and ensure that your PCs are working in tip top condition. Check out our computer maintenance contract prices for more information
  • Computer breakdown in the middle of the night while doing your late night work and require emergency urgent pc repair onsite? Find S-Mall for urgent late night PC repair services in Singapore
  • Are you facing a system slowdown and is using Windows XP Home / Professional? Get help for SVCHOST.EXE WUAUCLT.EXE High CPU / Memory Usage. Solve the problem of svchost and wuault and speed up your PC by calling us for pc repair
  • Windows XP auto logoff problems? Have you tried to login even with administrator accounts and it will automatically log you off and failed to go to desktop? Contact us to help to solve your Windows xp auto logoff issue today!
  • Do you encounter the error message which mentions "You need to format the drive in drive letter D E F G etc before you can use it" And regardless of what you do, your only selection is to format disk? Come in, S-Mall should be able to help you tor recover access to the data
  • Do you often have the problem where your desktop PC can power on, but nothing shows on the computer monitor? Systems power indcator's LED lits up, fan spins, but there is absolutely no image on the PC screen even though PC turns on? Pc display monitor will switch among the input source and lastly a message will appear mentioning no display detected? "no signal detected" " power saving mode" on the monitor? Contact us for more details to solve the problem today!
  • Do you encounter the problem where your PC is not able to power on, despite you changing the power cable and wall socket port. Likely you might have a hardware issue. Call S-Mall to troubleshoot and pin point the problem!
  • Do you encounter the problem where your PC shows the message, cpu over temperature error when you power on the system, look here to try to self fix the problem
  • Do you encounter the problem where you hear a loud pop sound when the computer power button is pressed. And after which, there is no response when you attempt to power it on again? It could be your desktop internal component failure.
  • Great current computer products promotion, pc repair service promotions from S-Mall. Enjoy discounts from computer services from this page!
  • As home users, we will setup your home network for a special price. We assist you to perform wireless setup for home with no limit to the amount of PC. Had a IP or network cameras or printer? We help you to install them. M1, Singtel or starhub broadband ,fibre users? No problem. Read more..
  • Check out our expired attraction pc repair promotions in singapore
  • Are you living in clementi and is looking for computer repair services? You are in luck! we have a special price only for clementi pc or laptop users!
  • A promotion for a Singapore gaming computer system for bliizard diablo 3 ivy bridge gaming system to ensure smooth gaming experience with high fps. Much better than the recommended specs for pc listed by blizzard on their website.
  • It is the period for the Great Singapore Sales. As a singapore computer repair shop, we decide to join in the "GSS Spirit" and create our own Pc Repair Promotions for you!
  • To share the Joy of Chinese New Year 2012, other than offering great prices on our PC DIY system, we will like to add on the joy of the festive seasons by offering a Build It Yourself System promotion
  • A gaming PC system promotion for Singapore for blizzard diablo 3 gaming system to ensure smooth gaming experience with high fps. Much better than the recommended specs for pc listed by blizzard on their website. This computer system can handle games like minecraft and dota 2 and league of legends withour any significant lag with playing at HD 1080p resolution
  • Intel Gaming System for BF 4, battlefiled 4. With youtube video to ensure that system can run smoothly based on the recommended specs. Armed with the 4th Gen intel haswell processor with gaming graphics card, you can be ensured of smooth gameplay.
  • Virus Attack? Or need virus protection, check out our webpage for AVG AntiVirus Download. And use our link to buy AVG for a special discount coupon with our AVG promotion.
  • Looking for a DIY system to play watchdog on high and above setting with no lag? This singapore custom made gaming system will be provide ample gaming power with minimal lag and sufficient gaming juice for other fps and online games.
  • Are you considering to buy a brand new, yet cheap computer system for your home or office? Get S-Mall's build your own pc custom pc package today! Check out the amazing prices on S-Mall's DIY Computer System Bundle and Upgrades.
  • Transcend StoreJet 25M Shock Resistant External Hard Disk features anti-shock technology and has met strict Us Military drop test standards to protect your data. Buy StoreJet 25M by giving us a call.
  • Are you looking for good and affordable wireless networking product for your network setup? Buy TP Link wireless network products in singapore from us and allow your computers in your house or office to share internet connection effortlessly
  • S-Mall Contacts for Computer Services in Singapore and Computer Repairs
  • Buying computer hardware and products in singapore? Visit S-Malll now for computer products and accessories, such as external hard disk, wireless router, anti virus, laptop and cheap diy desktop pc systems