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S-Mall Computer Products

Some of the products that we offer are


DIY Computer System Promotion and Upgrades


Looking for great pricing (cheap), yet quality computer systems?

Check out our DIY Computer System Bundle and Upgrades section.



Computer Anti Virus Program

AVG Anti Virus Promotion Discount (20% off if you purchased online, instant activation)



Wireless Networking Products

Looking for products to setup your own home or office network?

Learn more about how TP Link wireless network products are able to assist you on this.


 External Hard Disk

Western Digital My Passport

We carry various brands of external hard disk such as Western Digital, Transcend, Buffalo and Seagate.

We carry both 2.5" and 3.5" external hard disk. 2.5" Hard disk are the portable external hard disk which are light and requires only a USB cable, while 3.5" external hard disk requires both a USB cable and power cable.

Need a shock resistant external hard disk?

Click here to have more information on Transcend StoreJet 25M Shock Resistant External Hard Disk

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Laptop / Notebook / NetBook

IBM Thinkpad

Some of us prefer to call it laptop, while some prefer to call it notebook. With the trend going towards small and portable laptop, netbook (or extremely small and light laptop) are borned.

We carry brands such Lenovo, Acer, Fujitsu, HP, Panasonic Toughbooks and Compaq.


Computer Accessories


Look for computer peripheral such as computer mouse, USB Hub, keyboard? Drop us a call or email us for more information!


Any computer products not listed here? Drop us an email or call us for more information.

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