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Asus CPU over Temperature Error

If you encounter a "CPU Over Temperature Error" after your motherboard boots up, it signifies that the CPU is likely to be operating at excessively high temperatures

If you have the following image or similar when the system powers on, S-Mall is able to assist you.

Asus CPU over Temperature Error



You may attempt to do the following, open the side panel if it is a solid plate. If its a tempered glass side panel, look in and look at the internal components. Ensure that all fans, particularly CPU fan is spinning. If you are not sure, take a pic and whatsapp to the number below.

Secondly, follow the instruction and press the "F1" button as stated on the screen, it should bring you to another colorful page, which shows the internal system stats and specs.

It will look something similar to this

ASUS uefi bios with high cpu termperature


You should be able to check the CPU temperature on in the same page.

Some simple troubleshooting suggestions to resolve this overheat problem.

  • Shut the system down
  • Inspect the CPU fan to ensure it is functioning correctly and free from obstructions. Perform a gentle cleaning to remove any dust buildup
  • Check the seating of the CPU heatsink to ensure it is securely and properly attached, you may do so by gently wiggling the cpu cooler. It shouldnt move or wiggle itself, it should exhibit a stable and firm connection.
  • Check the thermal paste and ensure that it is still properly spread. if required, apply a new layer of thermal paste and monitor the temperature again.

If you feel uncertain or comfortable in self diagnosing your processor high temperature issue, S-Mall will be able to assist to troubleshoot onsite, pinpoint the faulty computer component and solve this "Asus CPU over Temperature Error" problem for you.


Guide from Asus regarding this issue



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Asus CPU over Temperature Error issue!

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Images taken from Asus webpage.