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Pop Sound When turning PC Computer On

Turn on power-on desktop pop-sound

Do you encounter the pop sound when you tried to power the pc on? And when you attempt to turn it on again, the system is totally not responsive?

If you encountered the following symptoms, S-Mall is able to assist you.

  • your PC setup is a desktop system with separate case and monitor.
  • You hear a pop sound when you press the power button.
  • Computer system is not able to turn on despite using another wall power socket and / or power cable.
  • (Optional) You might smell a burning smell from the pc system.


In such scenarios, most of the time, it is a internal hardware component, the internal power supply, which went dead. 


S-Mall will be able to assist to troubleshoot, verify that its the power supply that failed and replace within a single trip.

SMS / Whatsapp S-Mall below to arrange for a trip down.


Send us the following details to allow us to prepare the replacement unit before heading over onsite.

1) System model number,

Eg HP Pavilion 1234, Acer Aspire 5678


2) Full image of the back of casing

image of back of computer case


3) Close up image of the rectangular component, at the back where the power cable connects to the desktop. (

back of computer casing - power supply


4) Lastly Drop S-Mall a text that you heard a pop sound from the system when you attempt to turn it on.

- (Optional) Open up the side panel and take an overview image of the internals.


S-Mall will attempt to source a suitable replacement power supply unit before heading over.


** There could be scenarios where other hardware component(s) is / are faulty. In this scenario, if the replacement power supply brought is not used, you will not be charged for the hardware **


Call us or SMS or Whatsapp at 9171 6803 to solve your

PC system unable to turn on problem

Service Fees from $40 (Exclude cost of hardware replacement)


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