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Computer Network Setup

Do you often have computer network issues, such as

  • Limited or no connectivity LAN connection
  • Trouble setting up your Xerox / HP / Epson / Canon printer / copier to share with everyone in the office network?
  • Poor wireless signal coverage in your office or home and the wifi signal from your router is not able to reach critical corners of the office?
  • Not able to use your laptop or tablet at the far end of the house due to weak / poor wireless signal?
  • Bought tons of devices or access points / routers / repeaters / home plug which claims to enahnce your wifi network, which cant work despite you following their setup instruction from the manual?
  • Frequent disconnection while connected to your wireless network for random devices?
  • Port forwarding problems / Have problem hosting games, such as LOL and minecraft?
  • Ip Address conflicts issue always appear when you have mulitple devices and internet will be cut off?
  • Solve network IP address conflict error such as "another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue" or "Windows has detected an IP address conflict"
  • Home or office wireless coverage network problems
  • Unsecured wireless network
  • Unable to share files on network?
  • Slow internet connections after changing a new router?
  • Require help in setting up network file storage server to share important documents in the office
  • Bought a new network printer and have no idea how to configure it? Get our help for your computer network setup 
  • Or you need to intermitently reinstall the network printer in order to get it to print . Or network printer refuses to print or scan to your PC even though it was working well the day before.

computer network setupWe diagnose and analyse your network and provide consultation to you. setup computer wireless/wired network at your home or office.

After S-Mall computer network setup, we guarantee your computer network problem will be solved!

  • Your PCs, be it notebook or desktops, are able to share files and talk to one another
  • Share a single internet connection with all the connected PCs which are linked to your network
  • Print from a printer without the hassle of connecting the printer(depending on the specifications of the printer) to every PC
  • Eliminates the blind spots from your home or office wireless network. Guarantee much better youtube playback experience, in rooms with poor coverage before the setup.
  • Enhance, stablise and extend your home or office wireless network coverage


Call us at 9171 6803 to solve your

network connection problems!

Rates from $70 


- Are you an home user and just purchase a new wireless router, from singtel or starhub or m1, or modem and require help setting it up?

- Or you have too many devices which need to be connected wired and wirelessly at home and worried that the prices will be steep?

With our Home Network Setup Promotion, you do not have to worry about the network setup cost!! 


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