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Extend Home / Office Wifi Coverage

S-Mall provides home / office wireless coverage enhancement services.

If you have the following wifi issues / symptoms listed below, S-Mall will be able to asisst to remove those frustrations for you.

Do you often have home / office wifi coverage problems, such aspoor wireless coverage

  • Limited or no connectivity wireless connection on mobile devices even though you are beside your router / access point / repeater / mesh unit?
  • Poor wireless signal coverage in your office or home and the wifi signal from your router or access point is not able to reach critical corners of the office or home?
  • Not able to use your laptop or tablet at the far end of the house due to weak / poor wireless signal?
  • Bought new devices or access points / routers / repeaters / home plug which markets to enahnce your wifi network, and they are unstable after setup?
  • Not able to surf the internet smoothly despite standing beside your access point / repeater / mesh nodes?
  • Frequent random disconnection while connected to your wireless network for random devices?
  • Home or office wireless coverage network problems
  • Unsecured wireless network
  • Slow internet connections after changing a new router?


We diagnose and analyse your network and provide consultation to you. And provide setup computer wireless/wired network at your home or office.

Most of the time, the equipments purchased are in working condition, just that they are incorrectly setup or used in the incorrect manner. S-Mall aims to re-use your existing wireless equipments if they can and is able to fit into the proposed setup. 


good wireless coverageAfter S-Mall's home  / office wifi optimization services, we ensure that the wireless surfing experience in core areas, such as pantry, managers' room, common area / master room will be significantly better as compared to prior to setup.

Your mobile devices, will be able to surf video sites and load videos from youtube, facebook videos in less than 5s. In some scenario, the video loads as fast as you click on it!

S-Mall aims to eliminates all blind corners from your home or office wireless network for you!



Call us at 9171 6803 to boost

office wireless connection problems!

Rates from $100


- Are you an home user and just purchase a new wireless router, from singtel or starhub or m1, Myrepublic and require assistance setting it up?

- Or you have too many devices which need to be linked up wirelessly at home and worried that the prices will be high?

With our Home Network Setup Promotion, the service fee will be capped!


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