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Finding Your Router's Network IP Address 

Locating Your Router's Network IP Address 


Sounds tough? Only when you are doing it the first time!

Windows Run

1) go to the "Start" button at the bottom left

2) Click on "Run"


windows ipconfig

3) Type in "cmd" without the quotes, a black screen should pop out.

windows command prompt

4) Type in "ipconfig" (without quotes)


windows command prompt ipconfig

5) Done! As seen above, the default gateway is your router's IP Address. As from the image above, my IP address is ""


router gateway ip address

Lastly, type the default gateway IP into your internet browser and you are ready to access your router setting.


* Default Gateway IP Address differs among various router brands. Typical router's IP Address are , , , 

Do not be alarmed if your default gateway IP address differs greatly from mine.

* Some routers require login before you are able to access the router's setting. Please refer to your router's vendor manual for the router's username and password.

* If you do not have an IP address for your default gateway, either you are not connected to the router or you have set a static IP address. More to this in later Computer Tips and Tricks


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