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pc slowdown like a snail

- Are you facing a system slowdown, and is using Windows XP Home / Professional for your computer, and it is so slow that you are not able to proceed with any task, such as opening a web page?

- Are you running less than 2gb of ram / memory?

- Are you running on windows xp service pack 2 or service pack 1?

- When you open your task manager, did you notice that svchost.exe or wuauclt.exe used up the most memory when compared to other system processes?

If your answers to the above 4 questions are an absolute yes, get professional pc help for SVCHOST.EXE WUAUCLT.EXE High CPU / Memory Usage.

S-Mall is able to provide the perfect solution to solve your wuauclt.exe and svchost.exe system slowdown issue.


Call us at 9171 6803 to service the problem of slow PC caused by svchost and wuauclt!


Rate at $60



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