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Transferring Emails from Outlook Express on XP Machine to Windows 7 

outlook express icon xpGetting a new windows PC is a joy, but at the same time, you faced a new headache. Your Emails from your old XP Computer!



It will not be a one step process as windows 7 does not have outlook express anymore.

There are a few programs which we can use. But, let us use the free method to do that.

1) Free option to transfer emails from outlook express to windows 7

If you are looking for the free email client option, you can choose to download windows live mail, which is bundled in windows live essentials, in your windows 7 machine, and for your old xp computer, to faciliate the email data transfer between the computers.

On the Old PC

windows live mail export mail from outlook express


Once the windows live mail has been installed on xp, open it and select FILE, IMPORT, MESSAGES.

A window will appear after clicking Messages, asking if you wish to select "Microsoft Outlook Express", "Windows Live Mail" or "Windows Mail", select Microsoft Outlook Express 6.

It will then automatically source the location where the emails data are stored. Select Next.

Then it will ask if you wish to import all folders, or your selected folder. And selecting "Next" will extract into windows live mails from outlook express. Period to extract data will depend on the amount of emails you have in your xp outlook express.

To locate the transfered emails, Go to "Imported Folder" in the folder list.

Once you have comfirmed the emails have been successfully transferred, go to FILE, EXPORT, MESSAGES. This time, select to export to "Windows Live Mail" Select a folder to export to. After export is done, copy the folder to a your new windows  7 computer's desktop, using a thumbdrive or external hard disk.

On the NEW PC

Install windows live mail if you have not done that.

Next, run windows live mail, WLM, on the new pc. and use the FILE, IMPORT, MESSAGE option again. But this time, select Windows Live Mail to import your data from.

Look for the folder which contain your imported mails. Import, and it is done!





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