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Missing or Disappeared Internet Explorer Menu Bar
Did your menu bar suddenly disappeared in internet explorer?

The menu bar is the bar that contains Files, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help.

There are basically 3 solutions to this get back your vanished internet explorer bar.


First solution to fix your disappeared internet explorer menu bar

This is pretty simple to implement. No downloads required.


missing internet explorer bar right click solution  

1) Right Click anywhere on the grey area, A small window should pop up as above image.

Ensure that the menu bar is ticked and you internet explorer back will appear again.


Second solution to fix your missing internet explorer menu bar

1) Go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/962963


microsoft fix it for me - disappeared internet explorer menu bar

2) Choose "Fix it for me" to fix your vanished internet explorer menu bar.

3) Download the program from microsoft


Last solution to fix your vanished internet explorer menu bar

Upgrade your internet explorer version or use other web browsers such as firefox or chrome


Read this The Best Internet Browser for more information about the different web browsers that exists




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